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A most productive day.


Da nananana… Sod paying for a stylus when you can make one at home for free!
N.B. Also works with an earbud instead of sponge. Don’t forget to dampen the tip first! SCIENCE!


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Using one of the presents Santa got me. Excellent.

Yesterday I met a lot more new people in Sydney, thanks to my workmate Fiona. She’s very good. Her apartment overlooks Bondi Beach and is the perfect drinking hole.


Settling into Sydney life nicely. Kangaroo burgers, anyone?


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The Big Day.


Merry Christmas everyone! I am feeling a little more Christmassy now, I have to admit. Santa arrived in the middle of the night and left a bag of little gifts at the end of my bed. It definitely wasn’t my auntie. I’ve done well; little silk pyjama cherry shorts, an iced coffee cup for work, some humorous paper clips/sticky notes bearing signs such as “fucking urgent”. My boss will enjoy these.


I made a gingerbread house with Kate. Shit got messy. Not a bad effort though ey?


After watching Gordon Ramsay’s Christmas special I felt inspired to contribute to the Christmas proceedings with a dried apricot, pistachio and walnut stuffing. Stay tuned to hear about me ruining Christmas with undercooked pork.

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Well, it’s nearly Chriiiiiiiistmaaaaaaaas! But I couldn’t feel farther from the festivities. Yesterday i spent the day watching Power Rangers and eating cheesy popcorn in bed. Today I sunbathed (sunburned?) in the sweltering Aussie sun. Tomorrow ill attempt the Christmas stuffing and a gingerbread house. Christmas will be a little bit difficult for me this year, being away from almost everyone I love.


We held a chocolate-version of Secret Santa at the office. I bought a Lindt reindeer and got all arts-and-crafts-y on the wrapping. Afterwards we had lotsa wine and beer in the office with the “choons” by yours truly. Thank god I had my cheesy Christmas playlist on standby. The night slowly descended into a controlled form of chaos involving drinking in some lawyer’s chambers and ending in a VERY LARGE casino where I got myself lost for about 20 minutes.


My first Christmas card of the year! So exciting. It came flat packed in an envelope but opened up into a SNOWGLOBE!


I also received a lovely postcard from one of my best friends back home, which lifted my spirits to no end. (Thanks Pato <3)

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“Dear Sophie,
Your CV is of considerable interest to us and it is possible that we would have a position available some time in early to mid February. Do you have Skype on your computer? If so we would be interested in interviewing you.
Please let us know this week.”

Well that’s nice. Potential offer 2 months before my arrival. Now to sort out visas, tax, properties and flights..

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P B & J.


Today I made my first ever peanut butter and jelly sandwich. To my disappointment, the “jelly” is in fact jam. Am I the only one who thought it was meant to be real jelly?!

Anyway, it was a great success and I’m about to make 3 more.


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Mid Terms


Probably a bit mean of me to have put this countdown timer on the board during my students’ exam.

My favourite part was when it went off at the end and everyone jumped out of their skin.

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